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Timberwolves Foundation Board

Want to help make a difference in your child's school?  Want to get to know teachers and staff, and get the inside "scoop" on everything going on at Mission Vista High School?  Then join our Foundation Board!

Please fill out the Help Wanted form and then come to our next board meeting.  Check the calendar for dates/times.  Any questions?  Please email

Foundation Outreach

Overview:  The Foundation Outreach chair will work to advertise the Timberwolves Foundation at parent attended events such as back to school night, freshman orientation, etc.  Will work to prepare handouts and schedule board volunteers to attend.

Teacher Liaison

Overview:  The Teacher Liaison communicates with teachers and staff regarding Foundation events, encouraging them to attend and promote the events to their students and parents.


Overview:  maintains the Foundation website and makes updates as needed.  Supports all board members, committees and events in their marketing efforts by advertising with the website.   Assists with email newsletters as needed.

Teacher Grants

Overview:  reviews grant proposals submitted by teachers and submits recommendations to board.

Grant Writers 

Overview:  The Grant Writer(s) serve to research and prepare grants that will provide short-term and long-term financial support to Mission Vista High School.

Corporate Sponsorship

Overview:  The Timberwolves Foundation seeks to procure and sustain relationships with corporate sponsors in order to provide financial support to Mission Vista High School.  Committee members will work with businesses to create relationships, secure support and find ways to property recognize corporate contributions.

Timberwolves Patron Program

Overview:  Our Timberwolves Patron program provides an opportunity for parents to give financial support to Mission Vista High School.  Committee members will work with families to create relationships, secure support and find ways to properly recognize  contributions.

Event Chairs & Committees

Meet the $20 Challenge Fundraiser

Overview:  Chair(s) will schedule advertising of this event at the beginning of the school year.  He/she will work with webmaster to promote via the website, with the Principal to advertise at back to school night, with the teachers to advertise to their students and will schedule all-call announcements to go out to parents.  Will write follow up thank you messages encouraging parents to research corporate matching.

Major Events

The Casino Night is an annual Foundation fundraiser event that serves to provide significant financial support to Mission Vista High School as well as provide the parents and staff with a gathering and bonding event.  Chairperson and committee members will arrange:
  • Facility, food, decorations, entertainment, etc.
  • Guest invitations, registration and ticket sales.
  • Auction, sponsors and raffle.
  • Publicity

    Additional Board Positions

    Board Development

    Overview: The Director of Board Development recruits individuals to serve on the Foundation Board and committees.

    Tasks include:

    • Recruits staff, parents, and community members to serve on the Foundation Board and Committees and assist in special projects.
    • Maintains an updated database of active and inactive volunteers who may be called upon to assist with projects
    • Plans and facilitates bi-annual Foundation “Parent Information Night” event with the purpose of enabling the school community to get to know the Foundation board and to recruit new Board and committee members.

    Liz Debaets

    2015-2020 Treasurer

    Dawn Wood

    2019-2020 President

    Marianne Swift-Gifford

    2019-2020 Vice President

    Katherine Cassidy

    2019-2020 Secretary

    Executive Board


    Overview: Leads all efforts of the Foundation by serving all efforts of the Foundation and its volunteers

    The tasks of the President include:

    • Manages all board meetings.
    • Member “at large” of all committees to not only supervise but also to assist/ direct where needed.
    • Receives weekly updates on all active efforts in the foundation to maintain full knowledge of all Foundation business.
    • Reports to the Principal (as requested) on Foundation matters.
    • Delegates tasks to appropriate directors, BUT, ensures task completion and quality.

    Vice President

    Overview: As a member of the Executive team, the Vice President serves to support the President, as needed.

    The tasks of the Vice President include:

    • In the absence of the President, preside and facilitate Foundation Board meetings
    • Represent the Foundation at school functions, as directed by the President
    • Special projects, as needed.


    Overview: as a member of the Executive team, the Secretary serves to keep the history of the foundation intact.

    The tasks of the Secretary include:

    • Keep the official record of the organization.
    • Take notes at monthly meetings.
    • Emails board members re: meetings and other pertinent information.
    • Maintain Board Calendar.
    • Provide support to the president as needed.
    • In the absence of the President and the Vice President, the secretary is 3rd in line to make executive decisions or run board meetings.


    Overview: the Treasurer manages all financial aspects of the Foundation.

    The tasks of the Treasurer include:
    • Keeps the Foundation Laptop in their possession to manage the accounting of the Foundation via Quickbooks.
    • The Treasurer also manages all aspects of the Foundation's banking responsibilities including the Square and Paypal accounts.
    • The Treasurer produces a monthly report to present to the board at the monthly board meetings.
    • Writes all checks for stipends, grants and event expenses.
    • Handles all tax documentation and supplies reports to accountant.