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Our Vision

Through community involvement and support, the foundation seeks to minimize budgetary constraints so that every student will have the opportunity to achieve his/her highest potential; every teacher will have the resources to educate in the most effective manner; and every administrator will be able to provide exemplary support and leadership.

Fundraising Events

The Timberwolves Foundation raises funds throughout the year to support the school.  Here are some of our annual events:

  • $100 Challenge Campaign (Fall)
  • Dinner Gala and Silent Auction (Fall)
  • Casino Night and Silent Auction (Spring)

Timberwolves Patrons

We invite you to be part of your student’s high school experience as a patron of the Timberwolves Foundation. Through the Patron Program, individuals, families and businesses may financially support Mission Vista High School.  You will be recognized for your generosity with benefits at each level of support.  

The Timberwolves Foundation works hard to raise funds to support Mission Vista students by providing:

  • Athletic Stipends
  • Program Stipends
  • Teacher Grants
  • Scholarships     

We are a group of parents and staff, (including MVHS principal, Nicole Miller), who have come together to fundraise and solicit support from local businesses (large and small). Our goal is to raise funds that will allow us to enhance the quality of education at Mission Vista through better resources and tools, site improvements, and extracurricular programs that make this school a focal point for your student’s high school years.

How the Timberwolves Foundation Helps Mission Vista High School

What is the Timberwolves Foundation?

​​Is to enhance, enrich, and encourage all aspects of education at Mission Vista High School and provide grants to promote development of programs, classroom innovations, and support all school clubs.

Our Mission